Marketing Eye
As with every process at Marketing Eye, our logo development is very unique.  Acknowledging the value of a good design to spearhead your company, our team of designers create logos that are specific to each business, and synonymous with success.

A well-designed logo is an essential part of any company's overall marketing strategy as it is the single visual representation that defines the entire business.  During our marketing consultations, the team at Marketing Eye discusses everything from colour, to typography to visual elements, and how they’ll affect your brand in the eyes of the consumer.

We understand that branding and logos are not one in the same.  A logo design is the face of your company and everything from the design to its colour affects how customers feel and associate with your business.  Branding is creating a narrative over time whereas logos are more of a sensation – at a five-second glance of a logo, a potential client will decide whether or not they trust your business.

Understanding the importance of logo design, we’ve devised the following process to consider the follow:

• The updated logo design we provide our clients is the primary step in building a brand and must encompass all of the important elements that makes a business unique, it also;
• Must be complimentary to your brand;
• Serve as key brand ambassador;
• Differentiate you from the competition;
• Help customers realise that you are the superior choice at an instant;
• Offer a powerful and visual way for customers to engage with your brand immediately

Achieving the simplicity with which a logo communicates the business’ values is a difficult task to accomplish. This precisely why we have hired a team of small business marketing professionals and experienced graphic designers that are skilled in helping you achieve the most consistent and relevant logo to your brand.

A concept is simple to create, a message is hard to deliver.  Let us send the right ones for you.