Marketing Eye
Like it or not, a good business does not just rely on good products or services. The success of your start up will be built on whether people know about you, like you and trust you enough to part with their dollars. The key to achieving this is how effectively you communicate your products or services to your customers - and that's where Marketing Eye comes in.

All of us recognise the necessity of marketing. Good marketing builds a solid name and reputation for your business, creates leads, generates industry interest and customer attention and, most importantly, makes those sales! Whichever way you see it, marketing is a vital tool to help your business survive, make money and grow. With this firmly in mind, it is simply illogical to consider marketing an 'optional' part of your business. Sadly, many start ups commit business suicide in by thinking just that.

The reality is, most start ups venture out with more enthusiasm than skill. As a new business owner, you have to figure out all areas of your business, constantly switching hats, with no time to spend on vital strategic planning. Yet many small business owners are too intimidated to seek outsourced marketing, associating it with big billboards and even bigger budgets, risking leaving their idea to ferment in silence.

Little do new start ups realise the true importance - and ease - of obtaining professional marketing help. With Marketing Eye, an experienced marketing executive can help you build your business to a success.

Marketing Eye provides start up businesses with the following start up options:

Start up Marketing Program- $2,800 per month for 3 months

Three month working relationship with our own dedicated Marketing Manager and team working on your business for 2 days per month. What you can expect by the end of the 3 months include:

  • New brand (Logo)
  • New website (6 pages)
  • Stationary (Business card, Letter head and email signature)
  • Base Marketing Strategy – the develop of a marketing and communications strategy, with an all important marketing activities timeline
  • Develop one major lead generation campaign including the development of a direct mail letter, brochure, website landing page, electronic direct mail letter and write the script for your telemarketers.

Intensive Start up Weekend- $10,000

If you need to fast track your marketing we also offer an intensive Start up weekend program. You can have your entire Marketing Strategy, brand development, website and Stationary created over a weekend! That’s right, no need to waste valuable time during your hectic business week, you will have an experienced Marketing Manager , Graphic Designer and Web Developer at your finger tips for 2 whole days for $10,000.

What you can expect by the end of the weekend:

  • New brand (Logo)
  • New website (15 pages)
  • Detailed Marketing Strategy- the develop of a marketing and communications strategy, with an all important marketing activities timeline
  • Stationary (Business card, Letter head and email signature)

For more information on how we can speed up your new business venture please contact us on 1300 300 080 or contact us.