Marketing Eye
Internal marketing is as important as external marketing. Not only does it keep your employees informed and empowered by your brand and where it is going - but it also ensures that you have more than your sales team championing your brand externally.

Designing the right culture and reinforcing this culture through communications and actions is imperative. As we all navigate hybrid business models, how your internal marketing performs will ultimately have influence on your bottom line. Adapting internal marketing strategies to accomodate a very different business environment is imperative to successfully operating in the future, nurturing talent and managing online reputation.

Marketing Eye works with small to medium sized companies to design company culture and then implement a program that ensures that this culture lives and breathes in your organisation. Typically a company comes to Marketing Eye as a startup wishing to establish industry best practice or a mature organisation seeking to invest in their people, building effective internal marketing programs and collaborate with technology to power internal marketing performance.

Our internal marketing programs include:

  • Internal marketing audit
  • Employee survey's
  • Development of Culture Books
  • Development of Culture Programs
  • Email newsletters
  • Printed newsletters
  • Internal events and launches
  • Employee Year Books
  • Employee Intranet Design
  • Coaching and development
  • Culture Decks
  • Career Progression Decks
  • Recruitment Decks
  • Learning and Development Programs
For more information on how Marketing Eye can assist your company in developing internal communications, contact us today on 1300 300 080 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.