Marketing Eye
Marketing Eye provides SMB's with internal marketing strategies that support and align to the financial goals of businesses.

Internal marketing is about attracting, developing, motivating, and retaining qualified employees that are capable of making your business productive and profitable. We do not provide human resources but we do facilitate processes for employees to be able to share their thoughts on your brand, culture and business performance, giving valuable feedback to senior management and designing cultural improvements that take businesses to the next level.

What we do:
  • Develop internal marketing strategies
  • Interview and survey employees and customers to ensure that the brand is aligned and to ascertain what may be affecting your brands performance
  • Provide "Employee Relations Officers" to support employees giving them a high confidential counsellor that listens to their issues on behalf of our client and provides feedback to management on ways in which the organisation can improve leadership, training, development and brand
  • Culture design and development
  • Culture books and online culture development tools
  • Psychological profiling and leadership alignment
  • Internal communications; news flashes,, newsletters
  • Culture videos and podcasts
  • Social media standards and manuals for employee engagement
  • Development of Recruitment Decks
It's not just the Google's, Zappos and 3M's of this world that invest in thoughtful internal strategy - it can also be you!

Internal marketing can be organic and grow as your company becomes more successful as long as it is flexible. Marketing Eye provides agile internal marketing strategies that not only suite your company now-- but grows with you. We collaborate with you as a company and design employee engagement communications and marketing activities according to your businesses requirements that improve your internal relationships and process flow.

Company culture affects a company's financial performance - this has been proven. Don't ignore the statistics and instead leverage them to find ways in which you can improve the way you communicate internally, delivering better financial performance and boosting overall company morale.

Marketing Eye is giving companies an opportunity to utilise our services on key internal marketing projects:
  • Develop an internal marketing and communications strategy aligned to your overall business goals. Utilising our 10 point plan, we capitalise on your strengths as a business and re-define through employee consultation, how to improve your business performance and outcomes.
  • Have an employee culture handbook that clearly describes your culture to every current and prospective employee. This 15-page book clearly documents what your business culture looks like and how employees can get the most out of working for your brand.
  • internal survey of employees covering what they think of the company brand, through to how they would like to be engaged with and what they want from leadership.
  • Complete company marketing strategy covering external and internal marketing objectives, tactics and deliverables.
  • Monthly internal newsletters including copywriting and design of a 2-page newsletter, design and distribution.
For more information on how Marketing Eye can help your business with an internal marketing strategy, contact us today at  1 300 300 080.