Marketing Eye
Employee engagement does not happen by accident. It requires a carefully executed internal communications program that underpins a transparent company culture building trust and sparking innovation.

Figuring out how to keep good staff is a high priority for most businesses, and, as we all know, it costs less to retain staff members than it does to bring on a new hire and spend time and resources training them.

There is a measurable relationship between employee engagement, retention and business performance and we all know happy, informed employees guarantee brand loyalty and ensure your business is achieving its business goals.

There are many things that a SMB can do to increase the rate of employee retention through providing a framework that is culture-focused and responsive including:
  • Flexible work options
  • Open communications
  • Facetime with key leadership personnel
  • Recognition of success
  • Setting of goals and KPI's
  • Provision of career growth opportunities
  • Giving employees respect and understanding their difference
  • Providing feedback
  • Sharing the big picture
In order to achieve higher profits, higher sales, higher customer loyalty and improved productivity - you start by investing in your company's culture, and the first thing SMB's need to look at is communication.

Marketing Eye can assist your company in developing and executing an exceptional internal communications strategy that includes:

  • Internal communications strategy development
  • Regular newsletters and newsflashes
  • Setting of meetings and group events for employees
  • Development of culture book with all staff participating
  • Facilitation of culture workshops within your company
  • Development of podcasts, webinars etc
  • Setting of social media standards
We recommend that communications with employees be a priority for every business, no matter what the size. Marketing Eye has packages starting at $625 per week but recommends that any company seriously considering internal communications as part of their overall business strategy to commit to a comprehensive package of $2,500 per month.

For more information on how Marketing Eye can assist your business in developing internal communications, please contact us at 1 300 300 080.