Marketing Eye
Marketing Eye has a dedicated team of content management and marketing specialists. This skill can determine whether or not your brand survives or fails online - and is critical to all companies wanting to connect with their target audience.

Content management has evolved significantly in the past few years, and as such, it has become imperative that small to medium size businesses adjust their content marketing strategy to optimise the performance of their marketing dollar.

What content management does, is not a singular role for a marketer, but requires someone with skills in analytics, consumer and professional behaviour, copywriting and search engine optimisation. 

Our team works closely with our marketing department to fine tune content so that it connects with audiences in a way that resonates.

At Marketing Eye, we see it as our job to educate our clients and colleagues on the importance and value of content strategy by teaching them the theory behind our work, as well as showing them the tangible products of our labour.

The most common misconception that people have about content is that it involves words that miraculously appear on the page. The truth is, fully formed and realized content doesn’t just spring forth from the minds of your employees or marketing team. It emanates from a content strategy.

Through content management and marketing, we aim to;

  • Increase consistency developing content that is audience specific incorporating brand messages and personas.
  • Build trust through consistency, copywriting, tone of voice and presentation.
  • Maximise resources, assets and brand
  • Design campaigns that have a real ROI attached
For more information on Marketing Eye's content management services, please contact us today on 1300 300 080.