Marketing Eye
Every company that has a message to communicate should have a blog or engage in micro-blogging. 

Blogging is not a hot trend, but the only way to regularly update your content and have reason to communicate with readers in a way that they get to understand your brand, its messages and why they should do business with you.

Blogging is an art. Knowing who your audience is and engaging with them is imperative to creating a connection that leads to sales.

So when looking for a blog service, pick one that offers you the kind of exposure you want and complements your level of expertise.

Marketing Eye blogs many times each week, communicating different facets of our business. We lead the way in terms of original content delivery based on experiences - tailored 100% to what our visitors want to read. We know this, because they come back day after day and our company blog is the #1 reason people visitor our websites.

With millions of readers, we have learnt a thing or two. We deliver content that:

  • Is written in Australia based on our own experiences
  • Is relevant to our readers and engaging ensuring that they share our blog on other mediums such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook
  • Is keyword and phrase rich, ensuring that search engines pick up our blogs regularly
  • Is unique - not seen before anywhere else and is written for human consumption

By utilising Marketing Eye's blogging service, you will not have to come up with content yourself but are more than free to share ideas which we are able to write blogs on. We are realistic about expectations, and ensure that we build blogs into meaningful connections with customers, prospects and key stakeholders. 

Additionally, we know how to share your blogs and ensure that thousands of other people have the opportunity to read what your company has to say.

Industries and people that we specifically write blogs for include:

  • Technology
  • Professional services
  • Health, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Fashion and Trend
  • Furniture and building products
  • Logistics, Supply Chain and Transport
  • Manufacturing

If you know that your business can benefit from having a regular blog, why not give us a call? Our rates on blog writing are $250 per article. Contact us today!