Marketing Eye
As a business partner of Ozanam Industries, Marketing Eye contributes to shaping a compassionate Australian community.

A special work of St. Vincent de Paul, Ozanam is dedicated to enhancing the lives of over 100 Australians with disabilities while fulfilling mailing, packaging and distribution needs of highly respected and community-minded companies nationwide.

Marketing Eye worked with Ozanam to effectively communicate the organisation’s competitive service offerings, focusing on how people with disabilities can work to assist the success of businesses. The corporate image refresh included a more professional website, search engine optimisation and images of the staff in action to illustrate Ozanam’s personalised customer service, efficiency and cost-saving.

Offering job satisfaction to people who would otherwise have to stay home and rely on disability pensions, Ozanam offers on-going training, support and supervision to encourage productivity and has gained a reputation for sound quality assurance principles over the years.

Marketing Eye was delighted to have the opportunity to assist Ozanam in expanding and developing their product offerings, enabling them to offer more disability employment than ever before.