The Challenge

Marketing Eye has been working with NSS for more than 4 years and in that time, we have re-branded the company and helped forge a marketing strategy that supports their sales team and has tripled the business.

The challenge for Marketing Eye is to keep the brand alive and moving, while still keeping up the same pace of marketing activities to support the company’s growth strategy.

“Marketing Eye is the entire marketing team at NSS and as such, we play a pivotal role in innovating with technology and marketing,” said Claire McGuinness, Marketing Manager, Logistics and Supply Chain at Marketing Eye.

“We have made a concerted effort as a company to bring in new ideas and stay ahead of the market, which has been successful.”

“Without a doubt, NSS has the best marketing material in the supply chain and logistics industry and we are proud to say that nationally, the company has always been in the top couple of contacts from any Google search.”

The Approach

Continually re-inventing the marketing strategy has been important and to bring new people into the account at Marketing Eye has allowed for fresh, innovative and market leading idea generation.

“NSS is a regional supply chain solutions provider in Queensland, but you would have to be sleeping under a rock not to know who they are and what they do because they have received so much media coverage and online they are number one.”

A fully integrated marketing strategy has always been in place at NSS. The management team have been proactive and open to new ideas and the use of newer technologies to improve their marketing capabilities.

Marketing Eye has developed online technologies for NSS to allow for more transparency and communication to clients and employees. Each year, we refresh the website and monthly we have a search engine optimisation plan in place.

Religiously, we conduct yearly surveys amongst clients and employees and there is a quarterly newsletter that is both informative and interesting to read.

When NSS does a tradeshow, they always have the best stand in the arena, because they stay on-brand and they are not afraid to showcase their brand in its best light.

The Process

Marketing Eye takes 100% ownership of the marketing function at NSS. As a company, we work as part of their team and no area of marketing is undertaken without a ‘marketing eye’ over it.

There have been challenges along the way in ensuring that the brand is being represented in its best light no matter whether it’s a sign in Gladstone or on a crane in Mackay.

Like other logistics clients that Marketing Eye works with, NSS are very focused on employees and creating a safe environment. In 2012, NSS has what is widely recognised as one of the safest working environments in stevedoring and logistics because they invest in training so heavily and it is a team effort.

NSS’ advertising has always been a standout using simple imagery and catch phrases like “Ship to shore, shore to door”, “Our team are professional, start to finish”.

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