Marketing Eye
Marketing Eye delivers Strategic Corporate Marketing Consulting with a team of marketers, graphic designers, social media experts, public relations officers and journalists designed to service your business as though in-house.

You will gain access to an award-winning marketing team who is dedicated to achieving the objectives detailed in your marketing strategy.

We review your brand marketing, provide a clear audit and can work together to develop an integrated brand marketing plan and roadmap, enhancing all the relevant marketing touch points.

Brands are living business assets. We build a strategic and creative foundation for the future by clearly defining their purpose, identity, and role. This creates identification, differentiation, loyal customers, and value for businesses.

We build unique, holistic experiences that connect people and brands in meaningful ways. We do this through the creation and integration of products, services, behaviors, communications, and environments.

Through strategic planning, technology platforms, and internal engagement, we bring a brand experience to market and strengthen internal marketing and brand management capabilities.

We understand and are focused on the workings of different markets, so we can help both large and small companies!

Our Marketing Consultants understand that large corporates may need something inherently different than their smaller counterparts. This may include:
  • New Product Launches
  • Revitalisation of Previous Marketing Activities
  • Researching of New Markets
  • Alliance/Channel Partner Marketing Activities
  • International Marketing Strategies
  • Internal Communications Programs
  • Employee Incentive Programs (EIP)
  • Lead Generation Strategies and Campaigns
Competitor Research Delivering Innovation and Integrated solutions and being a technology driver results orientated marketing company keeps us at the forefront of marketing automation, CRM systems and lead generation technology that will give your business the competitive edge.

We possess the ability to follow trends in mobile applications, as we continually discover new technologies to deliver ROI faster.

We get it - Less than 10 years ago, we were a small business, just like you.

We are confident that we can make your business explode, because we have done it for ourselves. Marketing Eye is cognizant of the issues small businesses face, namely restrictive budgets and brand infancy, and we know how to overcome those challenges.

We have worked with hundreds of companies across a wide range of industries including technology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, sustainability, renewable energy, transport, logistics, supply chain, professional services, mining, health and retail. You will be matched with a Marketing Manager with expertise in your industry.

Find out how Marketing Eye can assist your business today by calling 1300 300 080 or email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..