A huge wake up call happened to many people I know last night, and it was a shocking reality. When someone needs you, they need you. They may not come outwardly in saying what is the exact problem or what they are going through, and that is something we all need to be reminded of.
When someone has a problem, drop everything

Next time we say we are too busy for a friend, or don't listen to the silent signs of someone wanting help, but being too afraid to ask it - we need to think twice.

Life is short. People who matter - matter. Everyone faces life challenges, and its good friends who are there them through thick and thin without judgement that really make the difference.

Suicide needs to be taken seriously

Last night a good friend wrote a facebook post saying that it was time to end his life. 

Here we have an immensely talented human being. He is kind, generous and always the happy go lucky guy in the room. He will go out of his way for any friend or acquaintance for that matter. But addiction and depression took over, and he decided to say his final goodbye, without blaming society or anyone else. Just saying that what's going on inside his head had taken over. 

We all have demons, whether we realise it or not. Some find it harder to cope or don't have the power to go through one challenge after another. 

I had a life changing situation a few months ago, and decided to become an Ambassador for Dream Catcher Retreat. It's a holistic drug and alcohol addiction retreat that also helps with anxiety and depression. They look at all aspects of the human being and they work with them for 3 weeks and then ongoingly, to help them transition back into life with purpose. It's not the normal 12 Step Program, which works for some, but not for all.

Change your habits

It's about changing your habits and life, and giving it purpose so that long after you leave the retreat, you are equipped to live a normal, healthy purposeful life.

I encourage people who are having difficulties with drug and alcohol addiction to seek help. Be aware that sometimes hospitals will recommend highly priced rehab facilities and they are not necessarily better than the less expensive versions. In fact, I would be sceptical. Dream Catcher Retreat has a payment plan, and in total costs $7,000. It is a 3 week program inhouse (which has just recently been extended to this) and gives people the tools to simulate into real life.

I see people destroying their lives

Why I am so passionate about this is because all around me, I see people destroying their lives. They see it as only binging, but so easy it can turn into something real and can destroy your life. My catalyst for wanting to do more started a long time ago, but only this year had I allowed my name to be attached to alcohol and drug addiction. I think it had a stigma, and funnily enough, when I post stuff I have had acquaintances say "I didn't know you had a problem with drugs or alcohol". Well, I don't and lucky for me, I don't have an addictive bone in my body, but there are lots of people less fortunate. We now talk about mental health quite a lot and there has been lots of publicity about "starting the conversation". Now its time to not hide drug and alcohol addiction under the table and bring it to the forefront of our conversations. There is nothing wrong with seeking help and changing your lifestyle. Know what is good for your body and mind, and what is not.

Let's be brave enough to have the conversation with people we care about. It is important.

If you have a friend or family member that would benefit from Dream Catcher Retreat, contact 1800 100 119 or ring Ben-Risby Jones direct on 0428 086 096. This call could save someone's life, maybe even yours.

Mellissah Smith is a serial entrepreneur and business leader with more than 20 years' experience in marketing.
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Mellissah Smith

Mellissah Smith is a marketing expert, author, writer, public speaker and technology innovator. Having worked with more than 300 companies across technology, medical device, professional services, manufacturing, logistics, finance and health industries, Mellissah has a well-established reputation as an experienced marketing professional with more than 20 years experience. As the founder and managing director of Marketing Eye, she has taken the company from startup to a multi-million dollar enterprise with offices in Australia and the US. Mellissah is also the Editor in Chief of Marketing Eye Magazine, a quarterly magazine that cover marketing, entrepreneurship, travel, health and wellbeing. #mellissah #marketingeye

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  • Navin Rai

    Hi Melissa,
    Yeah we should try to help every1 who are in trouble in their life. Even I also sometime do suggest good thing to people I know or may not. That was a great blog & very inspiring blog. Thanks for sharing such a great blog.

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