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Cultivating a team that embodies respect and good manners is paramount to success in the fast paced and competitive realm of the marketing industry. As a marketing agency or marketing firm, our reputation hinges not only on the quality of our work but also on the professionalism and conduct of our team members. Polite and respectful behaviour lays the foundation for strong client relationships, effective collaboration and overall team productivity. We will explore the significance of training a polite and respectful team and provide practical guidance on creating a work environment that upholds these values.

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In the realm of marketing, where innovation and adaptability are essential, effective leadership plays a pivotal role in driving success. However, even the most accomplished marketing leaders face personal challenges that can significantly impact their professional journeys. The importance of resilience in navigating these obstacles and fostering strong marketing leadership despite the trials one may encounter will be explored by this topic. It delves into the experiences of marketing leaders who have confronted personal challenges head-on, highlighting their stories of resilience and fortitude. It sheds light on the profound impact that personal struggles can have on professional growth, and how embracing resilience can fuel personal development, elevate leadership skills, and inspire teams.

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My Experience as an Intern at Marketing Eye

Becoming an intern was not something I was really planning on this year. A class at university assigned us the task of creating a fake application for a role. An internship at Marketing Eye appealed to me, so before submitting the hypothetical assignment I was sure to put in my resume for real: and how incredibly grateful I am for doing so!
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