Robotic Marketer Overview

Robotic Marketer Overview

40+ page marketing strategies $4,950

With more than 1,000 marketing strategies completed, Marketing Eye is looking to help businesses that were caught up in the end of financial year workload, and have not got their 2018/19 marketing strategy in place. For $4,950 we will conduct a marketing workshop, and develop a strategy.

It's not too late!

We are feeding a robot, which we will talk you through later, but basically, we are prepared to put our best team to work on developing your marketing strategy, 40 plus pages in length and seriously detailed. 

1,000 Marketing strategies under our belt 

Marketing Eye's team of marketing managers are exceptional and as a company we have extensive experience. I am talking about more than 1,000 strategies over 14 years. To make them more powerful, we developed the world's first Robotic Marketer; more intuitive, deep diving into big data and analytics-based. 


We know that to make your marketing strategy smarter and easy to implement, technology is needed. But our Robotic Marketer has to be fed. We need to put 100 strategies into the robot so that means we need to work with some of Sydney's best businesses and ensure that they have the highest quality marketing strategy in play. 


Incredible detail 

With our experience of working on more than 1,000 marketing strategies, you will find an experienced team of marketing professionals at your disposal whilst working with Marketing Eye.

Tactically aligned

We haven't changed our prices in 10 years, because our number one priority is to help your business grow, and give you every opportunity to be competitive in a changing landscape.

Actions behind every marketing tactic

Ensure that your website gives customers and prospects the experiences they want to have with your brand to give them every reason to buy from you. Also, make sure you SEO company is not ripping you off! See us and we can help you understand what is needed from an SEO perspective.


Allow us to feed the robot, and everyone wins.

Marketing Eye is one of Australia's most successful marketing agencies. We have delivered results-orientated, marketing strategies to companies in the areas of professional services, technology, manufacturing, health, medical, FMCG, tourism, logistics, utilities, energy and many other industry sectors. 

Our strategies are the best in the business, and they are only getting better. The reason we are prepared to do a marketing workshop and develop a marketing strategy with key actions for the next 12 months in your business, for just $4,950, is because we are thinking ahead. We may charge $25,000 for a one-off marketing strategy, or take two months to complete as part of our Marketing Eye program, but we have a goal in place. We need to feed our new technology, Robotic Marketer, with 100 new strategies. Sign up today and benefit. Don't do business in 2020 without a marketing strategy in place.

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How this works

You are going to love this! Basically, you sign up. We put in place a marketing workshop date, then its all systems go!

Sign up NOW!

Once you sign up with Marketing Eye to develop your marketing strategy, we are able to start our administrative process. It's quite simple to do, just click here. 

Date Set

With the admin completed, and payment made, we set a date for a marketing workshop. This can be done in our offices, or online through a meeting, or via skype or even if you prefer telephone. 

Marketing Workshop 

Set aside 3 hours for a structured marketing workshop which deep dives into your business plan, sales and marketing objectives; then more tactical marketing outcomes such as brand, public relations, communications, direct marketing, digital marketing, social media, events, tradeshows, advertising, website, marketing automation etc. 

Preparation is Key 

Working effectively and efficiently means that we will need to know a few things about you before you start the workshop. Expect a very simple checklist that will fast-track our ability to do market research prior to the workshop, and be super prepared to add value throughout the entire workshop and beyond.

Marketing Strategy Development 

Marketing Eye will develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for your company focused on your key sales and marketing objectives, complete with key actions, key performance indicators and basically an easy to understand blueprint for marketing over the next 12 months. 

Robotic Marketer 

While Robotic Marketer beta site is not ready until late November, we will use componentry to ensure that your marketing strategy is data rich, powerful and your competitors secrets are out in the open. It's our secret sauce that will only get better over time.

Marketing Strategy Presentation

There is nothing worse than receiving a 40 page document in your inbox without someone talking you through it so you can ask questions and understand its contents. Expect a senior marketing manager to run through the marketing strategy we have developed for you. 

Key Actions

What's next? Easy, this marketing strategy comes with set key actions under every tactical area of marketing as well as key performance indicators and goals. We make it easy for someone inhouse to implement, or your agency, a freelancer or if you like, Marketing Eye. 

Start Today

Many entrepreneurs and business owners sit on their hands, but today, you have a choice to move forward.