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Nick Christie, Courier mail

Angela Houseman believes the future of the fitness industry is in holistic, personal training and not stock-standard gym memberships.
Dynamic Business Magazine

Established in 1999, 2008 has seen a dominant player in the transport and logistics industry take a massive step forward. Infoactiv has seen turnover increase by 40 percent from the precious year, without the need to actively seek new customers.
Want an audience of 7.23 million internet users? Web 2.0 is the answer!

A survey undertaken by Marketing Eye Digitalº revealed that almost 50% of SME’s found the internet to be the most effective tool. Since the survey was released, the importance of the internet has only increased further.
By Nick Nichols, Business Editor

Picture of CEO, Mellissah Smith:
‘We need to be a bit smarter about what we do’

THE global financial crisis may have many business owners running scared but, according to marketing dynamo Mellissah Smith, it could cost them dearly.

Ms Smith, founder and chief executive of Marketing Eye, said defensive strategies in these troubled times were gifting valuable customers to more aggressive competitors.
Leading aged care and retirement living company, TriCare, has appointed Marketing Eye to undertake a marketing stocktake of their business.
Leading national digital marketing firm, Marketing Eye Digital, says companies that are looking for a return on investment from their marketing dollar and a more cost effective medium than traditional marketing methods, are all looking to the internet.