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Former Head of Marketing and Communications for Europe at Deutsche Bank AG, Global Banking Division, Lisa Neumann, has been appointed as the Head of Marketing for Queensland at national consultancy firm, Marketing Eye.
Feature | by Brad Howarth

Australian Anthill Magazine, April/May 2008: Social networking tools, such as Facebook, MySpace and Bebo, are diabolical time-wasters. They suck millions of minutes from tens of thousands of people in Australia every day. But here’s the catch. If social networking isn’t part of your marketing strategy, the only person’s time you’re wasting is your own. Brad Howarth explains.
Leading maritime consultancy company Thompson Clarke, have hired dynamic marketing company Marketing Eye, to assist in the growth of their domestic and international maritime business services.
Marketing Eye, a leading national marketing consultancy firm has today announced that Northern Shipping and Stevedoring has selected its design team to develop new branding for the company.
Len Rust(Computerworld)

ELK SOFTWARE GROUP specialises in Web site design and custom software development of Web-based business solutions. The Elk Content Management System allows users to maintain the content of their Web sites directly. Options offered with the product include FAQ capability, news, security, forums, products, and e commerce facilities.
A well-known name in the Australian wholesale industry for fresh fruit and vegetables, LaManna has announced its plans to launch LaManna Direct – an online shopping and home delivery service in July 2008. Leading Digital Marketing company Marketing Eye has been hired to develop the e-commerce website which will extend the wholesaler’s extensive relationships with local growers to offer previously unavailable services to their customers.
By Brad Howarth.

As marketing budgets shrink in the slowdown, it is a good time to revisit the tried and true strategies like email marketing. Search engine marketing and social networks may be the hot topics of online marketing, but some of the most effective tools are also the oldest.