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How job advertisements are now the marketing teams responsibility

How job advertisements are now the marketing teams responsibility

The marketing team in corporations are stepping up their 'marketing game' to help the human resources department secure top talent.

What was once a HR role has become increasingly the role and responsibility of the marketing team and there are a few real reasons why.

  1. Internal marketing is the most effective way in which to keep employees loyal to your brand. By continually 'selling' the benefits of working for your organisation to your team and communicating team wins and benefits, your employees are becoming subconsciously aware that by working for your company, they are part of something significant.
  2. Buying your employees is old school and doesn't work. If you buy your employees, they start expecting it. When you stop, they leave. It isn't a good model and doesn't cause an increase in happiness or productivity. It's like buying a new pair of shoes that makes you so happy when you purchase it, but weeks later, you completely forget about it. Marketers need to communicate more to employees than material gain. 
  3. Advertising and branding is paramount to outside perception and if the 'outside' believes that the company you work for is good, then so do you. Ask someone what they think a job at Apple is like. Chances are that the brand has overtaken reality and anyone who works for Apple knows that they are working for a brand that is considered a dream job.
  4. How you advertise cannot be the same as everyone else. Quite simply, you will not stand out from the crowd and while you may receive CV's, no-one is going to go out of their way.
  5. There are more ways than Seek, Indeed and LinkedIn to advertise a new role. Try public relations on your company culture, public events for the sole purpose of your employees having a good time bonding and showcasing your talent on your website and what they think of working for your brand.
  6. Excite people when they come for an interview by sharing your company story. Marketing plays a big role in communicating the advantages of working for a top brand, whereas their more conservative counterparts in HR may be slightly reluctant to oversell the mark.

Marketing and creativity is key to cutting through the clutter. Embarking on a recruitment drive to get new employees into your stable can change your businesses outcomes. Ask marketing if they are keen to help you in your endeavour.

As a marketing firm, we hire marketing consultants, marketing managers and marketing executives who need to feel as though we put our money where our mouth is. That means that we are creative, think outside the box and are willing to go that extra mile.

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