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Date: January 2010 - Page 2

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Small Businesses Soaking Up The Sun


If I look happy – I am! Who wouldn’t be sunning themselves in Byron Bay? For 3 days, I have soaked up the sun, shopped, swam, ate, drank and done business with local Byron Bay residents.
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 Helen Jarman is one of Australia’s most respected and awarded female entrepreneurs who against all odds, has built a multi-million dollar company in a male dominated industry. She is an advocate for woman making a difference not only in business but in the community and has worked hard in promoting the responsible disposal of e-Waste in Australia. Her tireless work towards ensuring that the community and corporates take responsibility for e-Waste and that we all work towards zero landfill from electronic waste disposal makes her one of Marketing Eye’s most favoured female entrepreneurs. Find out what makes Helen Jarman so great.

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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Time to step up to the mark

Whilst tennis players are getting through their first round, they all know that to keep on making it through to the finals, they need to step up to the mark.
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I really don’t have too much to say about Prince William other than the fact he looks like a lovely chap, someone that perhaps I could head to the pub with on a Saturday, down a few pints and then head home.
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Is your website costing you money or making you money? Does it depict what your brand is trying to communicate? Are prospects spending time on your site? Is there more you could be doing to improve your website? Do you know what pages prospects are interested in and which ones they are not?
Tuesday, 19 January 2010

It’s the lessons we learn

Whether it’s in life or business, it’s the lessons we learn along the way that make us.

In life, I have kept on learning lessons – some I have learnt from and others I have ignored only to find that I should have learned my lesson the first time.

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It’s happened to all of us at some point, where we are at a meeting and have lost our train of thought, forgotten the name of our colleague or the person we are meeting with, or just forgotten important details that we really need to remember.
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Aaaahhh! The little blue box. Every girls dream. Tiffany’s has created a brand that has thousands of people paying a fortune for a stainless steel keyring with its logo on it, just to get the little blue box and any item that is remotely affordable with a Tiffany’s stamp on it.
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Ok, I have had enough! It is the fourth time this month that I have had to spend more than 30 minutes on hold because my message bank keeps reverting to an automated message that has nothing to do with my business.

When is enough, enough?

How many times should someone have to ring a company to tell them that they are not providing an adequate service? Why is my phone doing this? It hasn’t happened before and ironically this has only happened since my Blackberry was taken to a service centre for 7 weeks to be repaired when I was told it would be 2.

It gets worse. I only know this, when a client takes the time to tell me that there is no message bank on my phone. How many calls have I missed?

7 weeks for a Blackberry repair that was purely the fault of the phone, with no replacement phone and a number of Optus representatives lying about when I would receive my phone back. I was told that I was in fact getting a new phone from Canada and that is why it would take an additional 2 weeks, only to receive my old phone 3 weeks later. Unbelievable!

Never will I have a contract with Optus again. They should be bending over backwards to fix the situation and yet, they have their Indian Call Centres answering the phones and have no regard for customers whatsoever.

Optus… not a ‘YES’ company, but a ‘I DON’T CARE’ company.

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$27.95 per day for a Marketing Manager : Small Businesses Benefit from Finance Package
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