Marketing Eye
Marketing Eye assists businesses by optimising sales and marketing of their consumer goods to help them achieve optimum market performance. In many cases our marketing managers will have faced the fast pace of the consumer goods industry and are fully versed on how to engage positively to achieve the best results.

With our expertise and knowledge in working with consumer brands all around the world, as well as the clear advantage we have on understanding the life cycle management of the product / technology and or services, Marketing Eye will create brand awareness for your business through their understanding of what gets a product off the shelf.

Marketing Eye will assist in creating strategies to target multiple audiences and measure the effectiveness of these strategies to help improve the market performance for your business. In addition, we can conduct  competitor analysis and create strategies to differentiate your products, in order to create sustainable advantage over competitors.

Marketing Eye has a broad global reach, which can be used to leverage your businesses products into different markets utilising our online platforms to promote your consumer goods.

The services we provide to consumer goods businesses include:
  • Brand Packaging Design
  • Research on Consumer Behaviour and Trends
  • Competitor Analysis and Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy and Optimisation
  • Communication Channels
  • Online and eCommerce
  • Image Building
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Direct Marketing (DM) Campaigns
  • Life Cycle Management
Our marketing consultants have experience across all forms of small business marketing activities and our outsourced marketing is a critical part of the success strategy for your business and brand.

We manage the critical path from pre concept to post launch and also can be involved further to support your “go to market” campaign and providing  measures to your key performance indicators.

To find out how Marketing Eye can successfully improve your business's market performance, call 1300 300 080 or contact us online or email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..