Marketing Eye
At Marketing Eye we can consult to your business and integrate all your Product Marketing and Merchandise activities.

We develop the entire voice of your brand from the communication tools through to the products themselves to build a homogenous brand marketing platform with key marketing outputs. Example :

Fabrications and trims

Key hero products across all key communication collateral

All the link details around brand ie colour / font and style are paramount to make the corner stones.

We also can prepare the Design, Production and Sourcing support necessary to facilitate the program to meet your needs. We have experts to manage the complexities of outputting these marketing activities concurrently, which in many cases is an Achilles heel of small to medium sized organisations.

Our Product Marketing Approach is focused on a 360 degree planning model form concept to launch including, but not limited to:
  • Line Plan Development and Management
  • Range Assortment and Balance Planning
  • Fabric / Raw Material Development Selection and Sourcing
  • Art Direction and Development
  • Specification Set Ups for Manufacturing
  • Cost Modeling
  • Profit Margin Maximization
  • Commercial Budget Planning
  • Research and Trend Development
  • Trims and Accessories for On Garment Use
  • Soft and Hard Goods Compatibility
  • Competitor Analysis and Plotting
  • Brand Strategy Mapping
  • Look Book and Catalogue Development
  • Point of Sale Materials
  • Communication Strategies for Key Product Focus
Let our team at Marketing Eye integrate the product marketing mix across your entire brand footprint, by providing a full service product and design management function for an amazing cost.

Our tailored creative and sourcing options will be matched to your business needs and we are able to meet and exceed your benchmarks through our dedicated schedule to meeting an agreed critical path, as we understand the importance of “going to market” with your product launches and digital integration across social and brand communication platforms.

We have worked with a iconic brands on creative, strategic and commercial projects to ensure maximized outcomes for the business.

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Marketing Eye delivers Strategic Corporate Marketing Consulting with a team of marketers, graphic designers, social media experts, public relations officers and journalists designed to service your business as though in-house.

You will gain access to an award-winning marketing team who is dedicated to achieving the objectives detailed in your marketing strategy.

We review your brand marketing, provide a clear audit and can work together to develop an integrated brand marketing plan and roadmap, enhancing all the relevant marketing touch points.

Brands are living business assets. We build a strategic and creative foundation for the future by clearly defining their purpose, identity, and role. This creates identification, differentiation, loyal customers, and value for businesses.

We build unique, holistic experiences that connect people and brands in meaningful ways. We do this through the creation and integration of products, services, behaviors, communications, and environments.

Through strategic planning, technology platforms, and internal engagement, we bring a brand experience to market and strengthen internal marketing and brand management capabilities.

We understand and are focused on the workings of different markets, so we can help both large and small companies!

Our Marketing Consultants understand that large corporates may need something inherently different than their smaller counterparts. This may include:
  • New Product Launches
  • Revitalisation of Previous Marketing Activities
  • Researching of New Markets
  • Alliance/Channel Partner Marketing Activities
  • International Marketing Strategies
  • Internal Communications Programs
  • Employee Incentive Programs (EIP)
  • Lead Generation Strategies and Campaigns
Competitor Research Delivering Innovation and Integrated solutions and being a technology driver results orientated marketing company keeps us at the forefront of marketing automation, CRM systems and lead generation technology that will give your business the competitive edge.

We possess the ability to follow trends in mobile applications, as we continually discover new technologies to deliver ROI faster.

We get it - Less than 10 years ago, we were a small business, just like you.

We are confident that we can make your business explode, because we have done it for ourselves. Marketing Eye is cognizant of the issues small businesses face, namely restrictive budgets and brand infancy, and we know how to overcome those challenges.

We have worked with hundreds of companies across a wide range of industries including technology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, sustainability, renewable energy, transport, logistics, supply chain, professional services, mining, health and retail. You will be matched with a Marketing Manager with expertise in your industry.

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We understand the B2B and B2C markets, and the importance of communications to your target audience. Having worked for both start-up and large multinational financial institutions, Marketing Eye provides marketing consultants, backed by a team of creatives, public relations, branding, web, search engine optimisation, advertising, lead generation, marketing automation and CRM specialists.

Importantly, we help financial advisors and financial institutions develop their brand stories and turn them into compelling reasons as to why someone should do business with them over their competitors. We utilise powerful marketing techniques to develop professional websites, brochures, brands and email campaigns that connect with your target audience in a meaningful way.

We can help formulate actions to :
  • Generate More Referrals From The Right People
  • Improve Marketing ROI
  • Tell Your Story Through Public Relations
  • Improve Focus and Delivery of Marketing Campaigns
  • Utilise Marketing Automation and CRM in Your Sales Process
  • Build and Design Sales Decks and Sales Tools
  • Catapult your Brand's Presence In The Market
  • Develop Sales Presentations and Ways of Telling Your Story
  • Deliver on Your Marketing Goals
Marketing Eye is well-suited to financial services firms that have revenues of more than $1 million and want to double their current business. Mostly, Marketing Eye's financial services clients do not have any marketing resources in-house or would like to deliver marketing campaigns to a new target audience.

We are also specialists in CRM and marketing automation, leading the Australian market in showcasing the power of utilising these marketing mediums as ways to nurture and track leads.

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Without a clear plan, you will never capitalise on your sales goals. An Online Digital Marketing Strategy is the key to generating leads and lots of website traffic through the best use of all of the functions and design of your website. Our team can help with that.

The Online Digital Marketing Strategy is an absolute necessity to optimise the Digital Experience for your visitors, and your return on digital efforts. It is the window to your audience and with a structured frequency plan of communication about your products / services focused towards your clients and or consumers to create brand buzz. This is critical to making impact.

We look at all aspects of your business, including key target audiences, competitors, image and identity and we create a comprehensive SWOT analysis. A SWOT analysis gives you the imperative strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that one must consider when thinking about their website's digital marketing success. We assess and benchmark against competitors and develop an optimised Online Marketing Strategy to create the best Digital Experience for your visitors and online audience.

Our creative team will produce the visuals to best represent the look and feel of your brand online and ensure that the brand voice is consistent across all brand touch points.

Of course, we are up to date with the latest innovations in technology, and our team uses this knowledge to ensure your strategy is up to date with the latest web techniques and current digital trends.

Whether you require a website built from scratch or an overhaul on your current platform, we can coordinate a mix to include all the important social platforms and links ie. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat as required, our team use industry best practice to share and enhance your digital brand experience.

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Marketing Eye helps small to medium sized businesses build their Consumer Product and Branding. We do this in many ways, with deference to what stage a company is in.

With that in mind, we ensure all actions and branding tools are unified by colour / font / logo use and across all brand touch points. Our creative design and branding expertise create lasting and powerful brand icons.

For example, some companies are startups and require a brand to be named, designed, communicated and marketed. Others are wanting a brand refresh or to enhance their current brand position and communicate it more effectively to key stakeholders; clients, prospects, industry and media. Rejuvenation is a strategy that can catapult your brand back to its strong hold position very quickly.

What many companies forget is that branding is a fundamental and crucial component of effective marketing. Your brand is a long-term strategic asset used to create associations and expectations.

The Branding tools need to extend to your products and are a recall tool when the consumer engages with your brand. Reinforcing consistent branding, placement on products, and on other digital platforms are part of the integration and innovation we build to create a lasting brand experience.

Marketing Eye has an award winning design team on board that can design and create unique and powerful logos, colour schemes and fonts. A strong strategic approach allows brands to be developed that can be applied across all client touch points, including websites, multimedia, signage and sales material.

Marketing Eye's branding services include:
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Vision and Values
  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Architecture and Positioning
  • Brand Messaging and Communications
  • Brand Marketing
Having a professional Marketing Consultant develop and implement your marketing and branding strategy can determine whether your brand engages your audience or not.

One of the most common reasons start-up businesses fail is because they do not have enough financial resources available for marketing and branding which is a very important element of the marketing mix. To avoid this being a reality in your business, we are able to outsource the entire marketing program with the seamless integration methodology to allow you to focus on your core strength whilst we support all your branding and marking activity concurrently.

By having a Marketing Consultant work alongside their creative branding team to develop your new brand, website, stationery, on product brand marks and brochures, Marketing Eye will ensure your business exudes a professional image and proper, relevant branding.

Contact Marketing Eye today to discuss how our talented team of professionals can truly turn your brand into a powerful asset!

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Marketing Eye assists businesses by optimising sales and marketing of their consumer goods to help them achieve optimum market performance. In many cases our marketing managers will have faced the fast pace of the consumer goods industry and are fully versed on how to engage positively to achieve the best results.

With our expertise and knowledge in working with consumer brands all around the world, as well as the clear advantage we have on understanding the life cycle management of the product / technology and or services, Marketing Eye will create brand awareness for your business through their understanding of what gets a product off the shelf.

Marketing Eye will assist in creating strategies to target multiple audiences and measure the effectiveness of these strategies to help improve the market performance for your business. In addition, we can conduct  competitor analysis and create strategies to differentiate your products, in order to create sustainable advantage over competitors.

Marketing Eye has a broad global reach, which can be used to leverage your businesses products into different markets utilising our online platforms to promote your consumer goods.

The services we provide to consumer goods businesses include:
  • Brand Packaging Design
  • Research on Consumer Behaviour and Trends
  • Competitor Analysis and Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy and Optimisation
  • Communication Channels
  • Online and eCommerce
  • Image Building
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Direct Marketing (DM) Campaigns
  • Life Cycle Management
Our marketing consultants have experience across all forms of small business marketing activities and our outsourced marketing is a critical part of the success strategy for your business and brand.

We manage the critical path from pre concept to post launch and also can be involved further to support your “go to market” campaign and providing  measures to your key performance indicators.

To find out how Marketing Eye can successfully improve your business's market performance, call 1300 300 080 or contact us online or email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..