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Tegan Addinsall

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Tegan Addinsall is a digitally-driven marketer with over 12-years’ experience working with over 60 companies. Specialising in growth and market acquisition, Tegan has worked with start-ups, SMEs and ASX listed companies to help them realise their potential. Utilising the latest marketing technologies, Tegan is able to get maximum results with minimal investment.

Industry Experience

Specialising in growth strategies, Tegan has worked with start-ups, SMEs and ASX listed companies to help them realise their potential. Tegan’s industry experience spans across education, health, NFP, energy, rental, technology, construction, entertainment, mining, logistics, beauty, retail, waste management, aviation, financial, manufacturing and telecommunications.

Marketing Projects

Working with entrepreneurs, senior management and CEOs Tegan has implemented marketing projects to launch new products/brands into the Australian market, take a greater market share and reinvent big brands to better connect with customers. Tegan has also had extensive experience in digital experience design and marketing automation to create the ultimate customer experience.

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Tegan Addinsall is a Marketing Director at Marketing Eye. Tegan has been a leading thinker in marketing for over 12-years, working with over 60 B2B and B2C companies in education, health, not-for-proft, energy, rental, technology, construction, entertainment, mining, logistics, beauty, retail, waste management, aviation, financial, manufacturing and telecommunications - just to name a few.

Tegan also works at two of Australia’s leading universities, The University of Melbourne and RMIT, delivering the latest in digital marketing to hundreds of students every week. Tegan’s passion for best practice and utilising the best in new media technologies resulting in several million-dollar campaigns on shoe-string budgets.  

Originally from a farm in the Wimmera Mallee, Tegan brings a practical and simplistic approach to marketing strategy based on direct outcomes and common-sense. Her commitment to her clients is evident in her track record with the successful launch of over ten start-ups, and in the strength of the companies she currently supports.

A self-confessed accidental marketer, Tegan originally studied a Bachelor of Education and worked internationally as a teacher, before falling into a marketing role after showing a communications manager how things ’should’ be done. She then went on to study a Master in Management (Marketing) and now holds CPM status.

Believing that there is no balance in life, only time well spent, outside of work Tegan enjoys getting active, cooking and spending time with family and friends. 

If you’d like to speak to Tegan directly please get in touch via 1300 300 080.

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Some brands Tegan's worked with...

  • Qube
  • Health Cert
  • Thailand
  • Geelong
  • Yoga Aust
  • Visa

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Marketing Consulting Services $ 3,000
  • 12 Month Marketing Services
  • Dedicated Marketing Manager
  • 16 Hours Marketing Services Per Month
  • PR, Content, Digital, Web Included
  • Free 3 Hours Intern
  • Activation & Support
  • Comprehensive Marketing Workshop
  • Market Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • 30-40 Pages Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Tactics
  • Marketing Calendar
Website Development $ 4,990
  • Bespoke Website Design
  • 8 pages of Designed User Interface
  • Database Collation
  • Content Management System
  • Copywriting (400 words per page)
  • 3 Sets of Changes
Marketing Strategy Workshop $ 1,950
  • Marketing Workshop Presentation
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Senior Marketing Manager
  • Onsite or Virtual
  • 3-5 hour Presentation
  • Group Discussion


Why you need to diversify your marketing strategy

Why you need to diversify your marketing strategy

In today's day and age, marketing strategies are essential for a business to run smoothly and successfully. When these strategies become effective, they are the foundation of making a business succeed. 

As stated in the blog ‘How an Effective Marketing Strategy can help your business grow’, having the right marketing strategy can be a make-or-break factor that determines the growth and success of your business. However, to be as successful as possible, businesses need to diversify their marketing platforms. Diversifying your approach allows your business to achieve long-term growth while introducing your product or business to a completely new market. 

Here are our top reasons why you need to diversify your marketing strategy: 

Reach a larger audience

Once you can diversify your marketing strategy, a larger audience will view your posts and content, giving you a much stronger online presence. Diversifying your marketing strategy allows for you to gain a following from individuals who have either never heard of your business or once overlooked your social media platforms. By combining different channels, such as blogs, websites, and social media platforms you will see successful results in the audience that has been reached. Being active on each platform also helps your business become well known as your target market sees posts and advertisements on every platform they click on.

Creating relevant and relatable content

Through having a variety of channels to post and reach out to potential customers, it allows your business the opportunity to create relevant and relatable content for every different channel. 

Diversifying gives you a chance to try out many types of content to see what best suits each platform. You can post different videos, photos, and pieces of writing which then allows you to know what every platform needs and allows you to cater for exactly that. Once your posts become perfectly suitable for the channel it’s on, then your business's marketing strategy will become more and more successful. 

Not to be dependent on one platform

It’s never a good idea to have your business on only one or two platforms. Although you might have gained a large number of followers on the channels you do have, what if something was to go wrong?

It’s not uncommon for social media accounts to be reported or deleted in the blink of an eye with no reasoning or justification. Imagine all your followings gone just like that. That is why diversification proves to be so vital in your marketing strategy. Don’t become dependent on just one platform, there are so many situations that can ruin your accounts. It is so important to have backup plans in case something fails. Although your target market may be based on one platform, it is always an advantage to your business to reach a larger target audience and broaden your market. 

Helps to gain useful data

Through the diversification of your marketing strategy, you can collect and analyse a wide range of data that you wouldn’t otherwise have. 

Your business may begin to receive different kinds of feedback, questions, and tips from different platforms and channels that allow you to adapt and thrive as a business. The more channels you have, the more data you will collect to analyse. Diversifying your marketing strategy not only will help you become more successful, but it will also help you steer clear of any issues such as your only social media account being deleted or hacked, which could lead you to promote your business from scratch again. 

Although it may be an expensive and lengthy process, the long-term effects will definitely positively impact your business and marketing strategy.

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10 ways your small business can improve its SEO ranking

10 ways your small business can improve its SEO ranking

Search engine optimisation can be one of the hardest factors to contend with when creating a well-known business. Even larger companies struggle with SEO. 

When running a small business with limited resources, time, and money, improving your search engine ranking can be extremely difficult. Luckily, we’ve come up with 10 ways that will help your business make an impact with your search engine marketing. 

Why You Should Use Technology for Your Small Business Marketing Strategy

Why You Should Use Technology for Your Small Business Marketing Strategy

Technology is in the hands of every small business owner. It’s likely that your competitors are using some marketing software to keep their business competitive.

The reality is that the modern consumer landscape relies on digital marketing; no small business marketing strategy is complete without marketing technologies in this device-oriented world. Any small business marketing service will tell you this.


9 Tactics to Boost your Small Business Marketing Strategy

9 Tactics to Boost your Small Business Marketing Strategy

No small business is complete without a marketing strategy.

Having a marketing strategy ensures that you can give your business the recognition it deserves. Many small businesses don’t deem a marketing strategy to be worth their time, but regardless of size, every business has something to gain through marketing. A well-developed small business marketing strategy will increase your brand awareness, improve your reputation, increase your conversion rate, boost your sales and maximise your visibility.

Organising a Marketing Strategy Workshop

Organising a Marketing Strategy Workshop

A marketing strategy workshop is a space for collaboration. Ideas are constructed, analysis is undertaken and critical decision making is implemented. Members from various departments can come together and understand how marketing influences their outcomes. This allows for more innovative and effective solutions.

Since workshops only happen occasionally be sure to take advantage of them to show the rest of the company just how important marketing is to success. This is your one chance to effectively demonstrate the impact of marketing on all departments of the business.