Marketing Eye

Marketing has changed, and so have we

Innovation is key to the foundation of Marketing Eye’s global business. We are thought-leaders, creators, disruptors and importantly score-checkers. That means that when we work for a company, we take ownership of the marketing work we do, and ensure that we don’t just deliver the obvious, but also work tirelessly to create thought-leadership, innovative ways to reach their marketing goals faster and more efficiently, with less cost, and are not afraid to set KPI’s and disrupt the way marketing operates in a traditional business.

In the past 14 years, we have established Marketing Eye as an industry leader. Not once did we take that for granted, and instead we have continued to use knowledge, innovation and technology to give our clients the results they are looking for.

In 2018, you will see a robot developing your marketing strategy in a matter of minutes, instead of the way we use to work where our marketing team would take 40 to 50 hours to develop a strategy based on knowledge and experience we have access to.

Additionally, we have invested in having individuals on our team research for better ways in which we can market on behalf of our clients. That means finding out what is the latest API’s that tap into existing technologies to gain greater access and insights to target audiences.

Clients demand results, and so do we. No person on our team is ordinary. They are extraordinary and the investment we make in ensuring that no marketing consultant has a full day of work ahead of them, pays dividends for our clients who want the latest, result-orientated marketing outcomes.

In-house robots, marketing managers and executives, copywriters, web developers, social media curators, public relations experts, and people experienced across sales and marketing automation for lead generation purposes – gives us a competitive advantage, but importantly you too.

Socially we aren’t too bad either

We have been ranked #2 Marketers to follow on Twitter (July 2013) and #18 Small Business Experts to follow on Twitter (April 2014) respectively, giving kudos to our ability to understand both entrepreneurial businesses and corporations intimately, capitalising on their assets and people, coupled with our marketing capabilities to ensure that business goals are reached.

Our reach is global and many companies we work with need greater reach into new geographic regions. As such, it is important that we are able to capitalize on our own social media presence to help our clients whether they are a startup, SMB or large corporation – reach the people they want to engage with.

The way we work is fundamentally what makes our relationship work

To be honest, when we hire marketing staff, they never have the skills they need to work with our clients. So, we invest time, money and resources into developing their skill base so that they can authentically work on your marketing requirements.

As someone said to us recently, “when they (sic) started with Marketing Eye, they soon realized that they had to raise their own benchmark, and they love that challenge”.

Industries we excel in

Marketing Eye works with companies across a variety of industry sectors including professional services, sustainability, property, Government, technology, health, beauty, medical device, travel, mining, transport and logistics.

To speak to a Marketing Eye today, why not ring 1300 300 080 or contact us online.