For the record, I come from an immigrant family, and I still think that even if we were one of the listed countries in which former-President Obama identified, I would respect the 90-Day ban so that a new Government that made a pledge to "Make America Safe Again" can work out their policy on immigration.
Google's $4 million pledge to U.S. Immigration Organisations is petty cash

It's a no-brainer. What is wrong with people who think that everyone should shoot from the hip and make decisions that the loud minority believe is their entitlement? 

Australia escaped a Christmas Day bombing in the heart of the city of Melbourne. We escaped it because of the intelligence of our Police Force and their ability to action this foiled bombing attempt fast. It wasn't the first time, and will not be the last. As immigrants travel backwards and forwards from the many countries outlined in Trump's 90-day ban, all with dual passports, a small few are learning how to become suicide bombers, to recruit others and how to fight, all while taking Australian benefits from our social security system. If this was not monitored, and they didn't pull people up going through airports, Australia would be living in fear of terrorism.

I am thankful every day for the work of Australian Intelligence and the Australian Police Force. It makes me feel safer.

I watched a story on Fox in the US today where the point of the 90-day ban was being debated. The only objection that the opposing team could come up with is "we are fighting due to it being a humitarian issue". Well, great. Wait 90-days and see what can be put in place in that time to protect Americans as promised in the election.

I am not a Trump supporter although it would seem that I am through my posts over the past few months. I am also definitely not a Clinton supporter either. Wikileaks trail of emails in relation to Clinton identified why she cannot be trusted. The fact that her Foundation accepts money from identified terrorists groups is something I cannot accept - period. Why? Because innocent lives have been lost around the world due to terrorists including  the lives of tourists, immigrants and nationals of individual countries. 

My dislike for bias media reports, or fake media is evident. People who write fake media should serve jail terms. Media outlets that are totally bias should be closed down. A balanced story should be the role of media outlets. Be a blogger if you want to be bias. Simple.

Lives matter. Immigration has a place. Politicians have a paid role to play that is funded by the public. If Trump was elected in to "Make America Safe Again" then if he doesn't do everything in his power to do so, he too should not be in that role. No matter which way you put it, democracy means that Donald Trump is the President of the United States of America. If you don't like it so much that you are willing to participate in rallies that are fueled by hate and lead to shops being smashed, people being injured - then move country.

I also completely disagree with some Canadians who have openly stated that they are against Trump. Some hold dual passports, with homes in tax havens like Las Vegas to avoid paying tax in Canada - therefore they need to quite simply shut up. You actively avoid tax which is disgraceful and you have no right to say anything.

As for Starbucks, clearly you are about to lose a lot of customers. Your publicity stunt was just that. So over 5 years, that's 2,000 jobs per year, you will provide jobs to immigrants. Employ Americans first - period. They are the one's that have made you rich and while you do employ veterans, if you have 2,000 extra jobs available per year (which you already do), then hire them first.

Google - well you have a global monopoly and I get it. $4 million is petty cash to you (the amount that you have vouched to give U.S. Immigration Organisations). You don't pay tax in Australia yet make hundreds of millions of dollars in profits out of our country, and use our resources - so if you do the sums, this is a tiny percentage to donate to be seen to be doing something for countries that you also don't pay tax in. Not worth discussing but certainly as a marketer, you have now received more advertising than the small donation you made for making the announcement. How noble of you. Australia is a small country and you make $2 billion a year out of it, yet pay $5 million a year in tax, not to Australia, but to Singapore. #disgraceful
Mellissah Smith is a serial entrepreneur and business leader with more than 20 years' experience in marketing.
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Mellissah Smith

Mellissah Smith is a marketing expert, author, writer, public speaker and technology innovator. Having worked with more than 300 companies across technology, medical device, professional services, manufacturing, logistics, finance and health industries, Mellissah has a well-established reputation as an experienced marketing professional with more than 20 years experience. As the founder and managing director of Marketing Eye, she has taken the company from startup to a multi-million dollar enterprise with offices in Australia and the US. Mellissah is also the Editor in Chief of Marketing Eye Magazine, a quarterly magazine that cover marketing, entrepreneurship, travel, health and wellbeing. #mellissah #marketingeye


  • Huitao

    Great point are made here, I agree that Starbucks should focus their attention to the growing number of jobless veterans and possibly even offer work to the homeless. Rather than focus on the detained people from the banned countries, the US should focus on they own people first and foremost. Similar to Google's $4million donation, this looks like a marketing scheme disguised as a good deed. However, it has done it's job quite effectively as I'm talking about Starbucks now, it will eventually gain like-minded customers as well as lose customer who are for the temporary ban.

  • Huitao Zhou
    Huitao Zhou

    Great points are being made here. I too believe that Starbucks should firstly prioritise their job openings to their fellow US citizens, i would recommend the homeless as many have been without an income for years. It is unfortunate that people are banned but it is only temporarily. Similar to Google's $4 million donation, this is seems more like a marketing scheme disguised as a good deed, this puts the Starbuck's brand into a good light to those whom are like minded and will gain customers from that niche group.

  • Steve Rainwater

    Good stuff. Refreshing. Thanks.

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