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Marketing Eye is Australia’s leading marketing consultancy firm for small to medium sized businesses. In simple, we help small businesses grow exponentially through developing targeted marketing campaigns aligned to overall business goals.

The way we work is unique. By providing an outsourced marketing department, inclusive of all your marketing, communications, public relations, marketing automation, branding, web, social media and lead generation needs, we are able to develop strategies and campaigns that achieve results.

We have been ranked #2 Marketers to follow on Twitter (July 2013) and #18 Small Business Experts to follow on Twitter (April 2014) respectively, giving kudos to our ability to understand both entrepreneurial businesses and corporations intimately, capitalising on their assets and people, coupled with our marketing capabilities to ensure that business goals are reached.

Established in 2004, Marketing Eye has established itself as an international marketing consultancy firm specialising in small to medium sized businesses. Our international offices give clients further reach and growth opportunity on the ground and ensure that the latest in marketing practices in Australia,  US and Europe are implemented in each of our marketing campaigns.

We have a measured approach, structured for high performance and backed by a creative team second to none. We brand startups, established businesses and even towns. Our web team speaks for itself with Marketing Eye on the first page of google in every market we operate for the hotly contested marketing keywords. Our ranking on Twitter is cemented with 70,000+ followers, LinkedIn with 16,000 in total, and thousands of people who read our blogs daily.

Why we are different?

We employ the best marketers and then train them. They work under a structured proven model that is backed by the latest in technology, to catapult the marketing results for companies we work with. Every discipline is in-house ensuring that your brand is consistent across every medium it is applied with no freelancers or outsourcing. 

Our marketing managers are your marketing managers, responsible for the marketing outcomes of your company. Whether it’s generating leads, improving brand awareness, expanding into new markets, leveraging existing client relationships, public relations and social network marketing, we are there leading the way.

Marketing Eye works with companies across a variety of industry sectors including professional services, sustainability, property, technology, health, beauty, medical device, travel, mining, transport and logistics.
Marketing isn't singular - it's collaborative. We work with your team to deliver upon your business goals through strategic, actional marketing strategies. You will also receive by working with Marketing Eye:

  • Networking opportunities with other business owners
  • A voice through Marketing Eye’s business magazine that will be distributed to business leaders in Australia and US
  • Ongoing education in marketing and how your team can participate in growing your brand
  • More than one set of marketing eye’s on your business
  • Marketing through Marketing Eye’s marketing machine; Linkedin (16,000 links), Twitter (70,000+ followers), Facebook, blog and newsletter
  • Profiling on the Marketing Eye website
  • A team of people who are dedicated to helping you achieve your company goals.

The ideal client for Marketing Eye is:
  • On a high growth path; more than 20% growth planned for next 12 months
  • Limited inhouse marketing resources
  • Revenues of $1 million to $200 million
  • Management team that understands the value of marketing
To speak to a Marketing Eye today, why not ring 1300 300 080 or contact us online.

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